Caribbean. “El Corte Inglés” Travel Agency

This is our last delivery for “El Corte Inglés” travel agency graphic campaign and part of its process.


Storyboard Pisco Campanario “La Previa”

Pisco Campanario TV campaign (Pisco is a peruvian and chilean tipical alcoholic drink). / Production Film Company: Accion Films Chile. / Film Director: Reca. 2012
Campaña de TV para Pisco Campanario. / Productora: Accion Films Chile. / Director: Reca.

Mediterranean. A new artwork for El Corte Inglés Travel Agency graphic campaign.

avisoThis is the last delivery for El Corte Inglés Travel Agency graphic campaig made for the team of Cristian Montes Studio. It was a hard work combining 3D modeling, photo edition illustration and the talents of Kevin Mura, Marcelo Raggui, Claudio López, Saul González, Felipe Brown, Aurelio Lamas, Nicolás Toro and Esteban Bustos directed by Cristian Montes and commissioned by Fernando Riveros, creative director at El Corte Inglés Marketing Department (Spain).

Viajes El Corte Inglés travel agency graphic campaign

avisoThis is one of the three graphic pieces we were commisioned to make for “Viajes El Corte Inglés” travel agency.
Beginning from a first skecth sent by the marketing department creative director Fernando Riveros, this project was developed by a team composed of the 3D modelers Claudio López, Felipe Brown, Nicolás Toro, Esteban Bustos and Saul González, and the illustrators Marcelo Raggui, Kevin Mura, Aurelio Lamas, Diego Donoso and directed by Cristián Montes Lynch.aviso avisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoavisoaviso