2015 Silver Telly Award for Ænigma book trailer

On July 2014 and after years making TV commercial animatics for marketing research, Cirugía Animation Studio faced a wonderfull oportunity going into book-trailers world with this prmotional video for the epic fantasy novel Aenigma by Erus Ludus.
11149523_698656153577507_8273942296067327276_nThis award is for a big effort made by an online working team between Miami, Sidney, Buenos Aires, Chillán (southern Chilie) and Santiago of Chile.
Ilustration: Luis Inzunza, Marcelo Raggui y Cristián Montes Lynch.
Animation: Igor Ledermann, Claudio López y Marc Calichs
Soundtrack: Igor y Randall Ledermann
Direction: Cristián Montes Lynch

Ad Concepts


Concept for Seat Leon 2002 graphic campaign. / Agency: Delvico Bathes Barcelona.
Concept para campaña gráfica para Seat Leon 2002. / Agencia: Delbico Bathes Barcelona.

Since my beginning working as advertising creative and art director, the need to preview how graphic and video campaigns were going to look, both to sell concepts to clients as to comission final productions to photographers, illustrators and film makers, led me to develope this kind of preview concept illustrations.

Desde mis inicios como director de arte y creativo publicitario, la necesidad de previsualizar cómo se verían las campañas gráficas y audiovisuales tanto para venderlas a los clientes como encargar la producción final fotógrafos, ilustradores y realizadores, me llevó a desarrollar este tipo de ilustraciones de concepto.


Concepts for Athletic de Bilbao Footbal Club graphic campaign, and final results / Agency: Dimension San Sebastián (Spain) / Director Creativo Fernando Riveros.
Concepts para campaña gráfica del Club de Futbol Athletic de Bilbao y los resulados finales.  / Agencia. Dimension. / Director Creativo: Fernando Riveros.

Concept for a graphic campaign for “Muy Interesante” magazzine history edition. / Agency: Grey Madrid / Creative Director: Ferando Riveros.
Concept para campaña gráfica para la revista “Muy Interesante” Especial Historia. / Agencia: Grey Madrid / Director Creativo: Ferando Riveros.



You are Rhythm.
Concepts for Cacique Rum video campaign, and finished video. / Client: Cacique. / Agency: The Farm Company (San Sebastian, Spain). / Creative Director: Fernando Riveros.
Eres Ritmo.
Concepts para campaña audiovisual de Ron Cacique y video final. / Cliente: Cacique. / Agencia: The Farm Company (Don Osti, España). / Director Creativo: Fernando Riveros.

Concepts for Play Station graphic campaign and final photo porduction. / Client: Sony. / Agency: BBDO Chile. / Creative Director: Fernando Riveros.
Concepts para campaña gráfica de Play Satation y producción fotográfica final. / Cliente: Sony. Agencia: BBDO Chile. / Director Creativo: Fernando Riveros.


Since Always.
Concepts for a video campaign for Cachantun Mineral Water and finshed film production / Client: CCU. / Agency: Lowe Porta. / Film Director: Alejandrio Harriet.
Desde Siempre.
Concepts para una campaña audiovisual para Agua Mineral Cachantún y la producción audiovisual final. / Cliente: CCU. / Agencia: Lowe Porta / Director de Cine: Alejandro Harriet.




Costanera Center.
Concepts for a Mall opening campaign at Santiago of Chile. and finished video. / Film Production: Wood Producciones. / Director: Alejandro Harriet.
Costanera Center.
Concepts para la campaña de inauguración del Mall Costanera Center en Santiago de Chile. / Porductora: Wood Producciones. / Director: Halejandro Harriet.

circo 2Circus.
Concept for Samsung Audio and Video Systems graphic campaign. / Agency: Tapsa FCB Barcelona. / Creative Director: Amadeu Berger.
Concept para campaña gráfica de Sistemas de Audio y Video Samsung. / Agencia: Tapsa FCB Barcelona. / Director Creativo: SAmadeu Berger.

Concept for Scalextric Slot Cars And tracks graphic campaign. / Client: Scalextric. / Agency: Bassat Ogilvy and Mather Barcelona.
Concept para campaña gráfica de Ceches y Pistas Scalextric. / Cliente: Scalextric. / Agencia: Bassat Ogilvy and Mather Marcelona.

Concept for Rhein Highlighters graphic campaign. / Client: Rhein. / Agency: Prolam Y&R Chile. / Creative Director: Emerson Navarrete.
Concept para campaña gráfica de Destacadores Rhein. / Cliente: Rhein. / Agencia: Prolam Y&R Chile. / Director Creativo: Emerson Navarrete.

tratadobocetoWPTears Less.
Concept for L’Oreal Kids Shampoo graphic campaign. / Client: L’Oreal. / Agency: Mc Cann Erickson Chile. / Creative Director: Max Hamilton.
Sin Lágrimas.
Concept para campaña gráfica de L’Oreal Kids Shampoo. / Cliente: L’Oreal. / Agencia: Mc Cann Ericksocn Chile. / Director Creativo: Max Hamilton.

Concept for a Gatorade graphic campaign. / Agency: BBDO Chile.
Concept para una campaña gráfica de Gatorade. / Agencia: BBDO Chile.

Concept for a Bubble Gum graphic campaign. / Agency: BBDO Chile.
Concept para campaña gráfica de Bubble Gum. / Agencia: BBDO Chile.

Concept for a Seat Cars TV campaign film pre-production in Germany. / Film Art Director: Tristán Mur.
Taller Clandestino.
Concept para la pre-producción de una campaña de TV para Automóviles Seat en Alemania. / Director de Arte Audiovisual: Tristán Mur

vista2 vista1.2Living Room.
Concepts for a Toyota TV campaign pre-production in Germany. / Film Art Director: Tristán Mur.
Sala de Estar.
Concept para la pre-producción de una campaña de TV para Toyota en Alemania. / Director de Arte Auidovisual: Tristán Mur.

Concept for a graphic campaign for Parque Arauco Mall in Santiago of Chile.
Concept para una campaña gráfica de Mall Parque Arauco en Santiago de Chile.

Concept for a Schweppes graphic and video campaig. / Agency: Dommo. / Creative Director: Marta Lluciá.
Concept para una campaña gráfica y audiovisual para Schweppes. Agencia: Dommo. / Directora Creativa: Marta Lluciá.

Concept Art for Animation Serie

escena.skatersWPI always loved the classic Chevy Nova and I always loved scale cars.
These are some sketches and concepts for an old animation serie project starred by an RC Chevy Nova model controled by the ghost of an 18 years old kid who manages to infiltrate a computer software. A pretty original idea fifteen years ago, before “Trascendence” and other pictures like that.

Siempre me gustó el Chevy Nova clásico y siempre me gustaron los autos a escala.
Estos son algunos bocetos y concepts para un antiguo proyecto de serie de animación protagonizada por un Chevy Nova a control remoto controlado por el fantasma de un chico de 18 años que logra infiltrarse en un software de computador. Una idea original hace quince años, antes de “Trascendence” y otras películas por el estilo.
chevy per [Converted]subjetivaoro

Gatorade ad concept

gatoradeI like this old concept. It was made probably in a pair of hours for a graphic campaign proposed by BBDO Chile for Gatorade, some years ago.
It’s a very fast and simple kind of drawing and photoshop painting, but I think that is one of the most expresive concepts that I’ve made for an adverttising campaign and now, when I’m finally getting into graphic novel and film concept art, is good to remain and thank all my long advertising career, and all art directors and creative directors I worked with.

Leftraro Film Project is becoming news

muertevaldiviaoklowLeftraro: artistic sketches that give life to the Hollywood film about Lautaro.

The story created by the Chilean Eduardo Novión, hit theaters in 2017 by Radar Pictures, the same film production company behind The Last Samurai.

Imagine living in the year 1533. Imagine that you are an indigenous child of seven years. Imagine that you live in the end of the world. Imagine you’ve never seen a horse and have never seen an armor. What would you see?”. This is how Leftraro’s story starts. The project by the Chilean Eduardo Novión is making strides to reach theaters worldwide in 2017.

The film is based on the encounter between Pedro de Valdivia (the spaniard conqueror of Chile and Leftraro, a little Mapuche kid during the Conquest. With over 14 years of work, as “La Tercera” newspaper revealed, Novión project will be undertaken by the millionaire producer Ted Field‘s company Radar Pictures  (The Last Samurai, Jumanji and The Chronicles of Riddick), and the screenplay by Michael B. Gordon (300, GI Joe).

The film, whose sketches are shown through its website, tells the story of Leftraro, a Mapuche child being kidnapped by spaniard conquerors who  were monsters from another dimension to his eyes. The child defeat his fears gradually as he discovers that there are were human beings behind these creatures, especially when he meets Pedro de Valdivia, who becomes his his mentor, his teacher and his father. However, despite the love and admiration he feels for his captor, the Mapuche blood within him, begins to devide his heart and force him to face his own demons.

Part of Radar Pictures‘s team will arrive in Chile next week to enter areas where dwelt Leftraro.

The script should be ready in 2015, while the director and cast to take this story to the big screen is searched.

Below, we present the artistic sketches which this film is prepared with made by the concept artist Cristian Montes Lynch.
Stracted and translated from “La Tercera” chilean newspaper.



Labanda style v/s Levacov/Montes

It’s not an easy challenge to give up on trying to develope your own style for evoking and imitating one of the greatest and most chic fashion illustrators of the last decades, specially when your client ask: Try to look lyke, but don’t be exactly Jordi Labanda.
The following images are the result of this challenge comissioned by the chilean cheese brand “Quillayes” for their new line of cheeseboards packaging based on that catalan illustrator.
Check one of the sketches. Sometimes I like more their dirty strokes and dirty colors than the finished art.
Anyway, it was a good achievement.
Illustration: Alejandro Levacov and Cristián Montes
Art Direction: Cristian Montes.