Leftraro The Movie

leftrarovscentauroxrealcolorlogIn 2000, visiting Chile after five years living in Barcelona, my good friend Eduardo Novion, a prominent advertising creative, told me a about his dream of making an epic fantasy movie based on the story of Leftraro, one of the greatest worriors of the original people Mapuche which lived in southern chilean territory and which fought first spaniard conquerors.
Leftraro was a nine years old boy when he was rapted by them.
Eduardo’s dream, consisted on showing spanish conquerors from the magical and mystic vision of this little Mapuche who’d never seen a white man riding a horse in an armor before, and who growed listening stories about ancient demonds which some day would come back from beyond the ocean.
In 2014, Ted Field, founder of Raddar Pictures and producer of “Last Samurai” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” between other famous films, signed an intention letter for producing “Leftraro” and the spaniard actress Paz Vega confirmed her roll as the spaniard captain Pedro de Valdivia’s lover, Inés de Suárez.
Here, some of the concepts and character designs that I’ve been making for “Leftraro” on last fourteen years.

The Encounter.
The centaur shaped demond aporoaches. Leftraro, kneels awaiting his death.

encuentroprolowSaving the tortured God.
That night the child is horrified to see an impaled Mapuche on an altar.
He runs and tries to save him, but his hands were nailed to a cross.

The Future.
Leftraro turns around in his saddle looking backwards, closes his eyes and speaks to the Spaniard.
“The future is behind aur backs and that’s why we can’t see it.
We only can see our footprints and only they can teach us who we are and how much futures have we traveled.
That’s why the Toqui Chiefs are eldely men, because they are wise… Our footsteps will step on what they have already stepped on..patras.”

The Ches and the Strategy.
Pedro de Valdivia, the spaniard conqueror, has adopted Leftraro who has growed between white men after being rapted by them, and introduces him into european rational and strategic thought.
The beast.
Some organic thing, some mechanical thing, some threatening creature composed by muscles, tendons, ligaments, veins, exo-skeleton, cuirassses, hinches and articulations, between an spaniard conqueror, Alien, Predator.
Almost impossible to avoid a Gigger reminiscences.CABEZASwp.colorCUERPOpatas.bipedo:troncoestudios patas:toraxpatasdelanterasyfetotorsocentauroCENTAURO1wpCENTAUROFRONTALYESPALDAcent34tosbackcolor



































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