Leftraro Film Project is becoming news

muertevaldiviaoklowLeftraro: artistic sketches that give life to the Hollywood film about Lautaro.

The story created by the Chilean Eduardo Novión, hit theaters in 2017 by Radar Pictures, the same film production company behind The Last Samurai.

Imagine living in the year 1533. Imagine that you are an indigenous child of seven years. Imagine that you live in the end of the world. Imagine you’ve never seen a horse and have never seen an armor. What would you see?”. This is how Leftraro’s story starts. The project by the Chilean Eduardo Novión is making strides to reach theaters worldwide in 2017.

The film is based on the encounter between Pedro de Valdivia (the spaniard conqueror of Chile and Leftraro, a little Mapuche kid during the Conquest. With over 14 years of work, as “La Tercera” newspaper revealed, Novión project will be undertaken by the millionaire producer Ted Field‘s company Radar Pictures  (The Last Samurai, Jumanji and The Chronicles of Riddick), and the screenplay by Michael B. Gordon (300, GI Joe).

The film, whose sketches are shown through its website, tells the story of Leftraro, a Mapuche child being kidnapped by spaniard conquerors who  were monsters from another dimension to his eyes. The child defeat his fears gradually as he discovers that there are were human beings behind these creatures, especially when he meets Pedro de Valdivia, who becomes his his mentor, his teacher and his father. However, despite the love and admiration he feels for his captor, the Mapuche blood within him, begins to devide his heart and force him to face his own demons.

Part of Radar Pictures‘s team will arrive in Chile next week to enter areas where dwelt Leftraro.

The script should be ready in 2015, while the director and cast to take this story to the big screen is searched.

Below, we present the artistic sketches which this film is prepared with made by the concept artist Cristian Montes Lynch.
Stracted and translated from “La Tercera” chilean newspaper.




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