I was born in Santiago of Chile on April 1967, studied Art at Universidad Católica de Chile and Advertising at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

I’ started working as illustrator in a little advertising agency on 1897 while I studied Advertising and then, I worked during the next ten years as art director in diffrent advertising agencies as J. W. Thompson, Porta DMB&B and Frederick TMBWA in Santiago, and Bassat Ogilvy & Mather in Bracelona where I was living between 1995 to 2005.

As free-lance illustrator and art director, I developed characters, devises and settings for TV and enterteinment, illustrated covers for sci-fi novels for publishing houses in Barcelona, Paris and Miami, and storyboards and concepts for different advertising agencies in Spain, Chile and United States.

On November 2012, I published the first book of my graphic novel saga e-Dem, based on the same named sci-fi novel wrote by me.

Currently I’m founder and director on Cirugía (spanish for Surgery), an animation company speciallized on animatics production for marketing research, working since 2008 mainly for Nestlé brands throuhg its different agencies in Chile, J.W. Thompson, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy and Publicis.


One thought on “Bio

  1. impresionante trabajo hermano, también soy ilustrador, de venezuela, y hace tiempo que no veçia imágenes tan poderosas, me alegra saber que eres latinoamericano, sigue partiéndola!!! un abrazo, si quieres puedes buscarme por facebook como alfredo rajoy, tengo una página que se llama ilustraciones de alfredo rajoy por si quieres ver algunos de mis trabajos….

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